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4 Steps to Follow When Writing a Research Paper Example

What it Takes to Write a Research Paper Example

Students often make the mistake of assuming that writing an excellent example is the end of the process. Once the example is completed, the student can move on to the final writing stage by relying solely on the examples. Despite the shortcomings of writing samples in a single go, students may consider the examples as a point of reference because they follow the form and structure required.

Writing a research paper requires a student to dedicate plenty of time to research before getting to the writing part. It’s not uncommon for students to write their example essays after exhausting the research work, yet they still have plenty of written work to write. Fortunately, there is a shortcut that ensures that students do not go through this cycle twice.

Four Steps to Follow

If you are stuck, you know what steps to take to ensure your writing practice yields quality results. These steps take a few minutes and involve creating an outline. The outline provides a timeline for the writing process and has a set number of steps to complete in a specific timeframe. When writing the example, you will start with the outline. An introduction is the first section of a research paper. It is a brief section that briefly introduces the topic. It is divided into the first half, where you discuss the study and the hypothesis. The second section outlines the limitations of your study. The weakness of the study is expounded on and highlighted. Finally, you provide the discussion and conclusion that lead to your study’s significance.

The two sections may vary depending on the specific paper you are writing. However, the outline provides a framework that incorporates the sections and the word count. Keep in mind that you must use an appealing and detailed language for your example paper. After all, you need to convince your readers that your study is valid. Hence, maintain clear sentences and paragraphs that communicate your message effectively.

Steps to Follow When Writing Your Research Paper Example

Once you have selected a research example to write from scratch, follow the steps below. They are a general guide to follow but often result in a different outline.

Start With a Blank Page

After drafting your outline, now that you have a clear idea of what you want to write, create a blank page. Go through the example document several times and create flow charts or annotations that show the reader what the main ideas are. After you are done with the research paper example, click the Edit button on the sidebar to make any necessary changes.

Remove all Themes

After you are done writing, it is time to remove all the key ideas that you may have left in the research paper. Remember that you do not want to modify the topic of the paper. Consequently, you must remove all the parts that could lead to alterations to the topic. This usually requires expounding on what was contained in the research paper.

Rewrite The Introduction

While the sections may have been mostly written from scratch, it is best to rewrite the introduction chapter to gain more ground on the topic. After doing this, include the discussion and conclusion. The introduction is mostly composed of three main sections: introduction, body, and conclusion. Always avoid adding any new information to the introduction, though there may be support texts in the body section that focus on the topic.

Format the Body

The body has about five sections—introduction, body, conclusion, literature review, and references. However, most research papers follow a more traditional format. However, if your examples resemble those of other authors, you can use an English language paper template to format the body like an MLA or APA style.

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