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Where to Start with an Argumentative Essay

Introducing Your Argumentative Essay

Many students confuse an argumentative essay with a descriptive essay. A argumentative essay is a scientific document that tells a story. It includes a thesis statement that narrates the stated reason for writing. 

Like a descriptive essay, the thesis statement is meant to give the reader the context of your writing. A different argumentative essay’s summary is often a reason to remind readers about a point in your write-up.

Writing an argumentative essay is a process involving several steps involving research, organization, and execution. Here is a step-by-step process on how to write a great argumentative essay:

Create a Topic

This part of your essay follows the steps of introducing the main topic. Besides, ensure that your essay start with a convincing thesis statement that will lead your reader to check to see how you are going to write your paper.

It is essential to note that some readers are not interested in reading a dissertation about abortion, and many others only want to read about health issues. This means that your topic should include everything that you want to discuss. 

Identify Your Answering Questions

A good argumentative essay should give reason to allow the reader to understand your ideas in a simple, straight forward manner. This will help you bring your paper to the readers’ attention, and they will identify with your arguments easily.

Your first step to grasping your topic’s background is by researching. Be sure to do extensive research to eliminate any sources that you will use to base your argument. Take time to comb through scholarly and other literature related to the topic. 


Before you get into the actual writing, structure is very important. Here’s how to structure your argumentative essay:

  • Introduction – Situate your paper in a brief, enticing, and captivating manner. Explain your thesis statement in the introduction to draw your readers to your writing. Make sure that your essay introductory paragraph includes a hook to capture the reader’s interest. 
  • Literature review – Here, you need to note down any resources used by other authors to support your arguments. It is best if you note the main ideas that support your position.
  • Body – Here, you will need to explain your views to persuade the reader that your argument is the only true side. Ensure that you are well organized, as the entire paper’s flow follows from your research. Remember to break your arguments into easy-to-follow paragraphs that have supporting evidence.
  • Conclusion – Dissertation provides a summary of the primary topic’s objectives and ideas. To ensure that your conclusion points to your thesis statement, include it in your paper’s conclusion.

As you write, ensure that you use the right structure in your essay. Check with your school requirements for details on how your paper should be presented, including language, citation, and font. If you are unsure, consider getting guidance from a professional.

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